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Dedicated Appraisal
Management Company

Core Valuation is a full service, nationwide appraisal management firm (AMC). We utilize our extensive network of appraisers to deliver reports to banks, brokerages and mortgage firms quickly and efficiently.

Field Appraisals

Core Valuation delivers all residential appraisal products for a variety of needs, including conventional financing, FHA financing and loan servicing.


Core Valuation offers all industry standard BPOs. We approach every valuation with your needs in mind, and can configure BPO reports to fit your business strategy.

Review Products

Core Valuation has a full complement of review products to meet your needs. Our team of Staff Appraisers, located in major MSAs throughout the nation, provide our clients with an extra level of risk assurance.


Core Valuation’s review tools process and analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness and consistency versus appraisal industry guidelines and your customized appraisal review rule set.

We are E.s.t 2010

Who We Are

We are a company of progressive thinkers who are always asking ourselves: How can we do it better? Our success can be directly tracked to our single shared purpose: to be a leader in ensuring a strong and stable housing market by helping financial institutions better manage their real estate risk.

Delivering the right answer the first time is our passion and that means a commitment to our clients, and never compromising on quality.








Awesome Team

Matt (Underwriter)

As a current vendor it is a pleasure working with the staff at Core Valuation. Their customer service, communication, and professionalism is truly stellar. Questions or concerns that arise are ...


Best Support Staff

Anthony (Office Manager)

You guys are Awesome to work with!! You all stay on top of everything so well and keep us posted without us always having to track you down!! Really refreshing ...


Always Above and Beyond

Sarah (Loan Officer)

I wanted to share my thanks to the entire CVM family for their constant commitment to keeping us all very happy loan originators. You’ve always gone above and beyond and I ...


Best AMC!

Michale John (Chief Credit Officer)

I just wanted to send a quite THANK YOU to the CVM team for their exceptional service. You guys have done a great job from customer service, turn times, and of course handling ...


Our Values

Comprehensive Industry Expertise

Core Valuation has decades of experience working with originators, servicers and capital markets clients. We understand the challenges you face and what solutions will work best. Let us put that knowledge to work for you.

Our Partners & Memberships

Core Valuation partners with the best and most innovative companies in the industry to bring you the highest quality and most efficient lending solutions available on the market. Some of our partners include:

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